Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Winters Haiku's

The Winter Haikus

The snow plummets below.
Tree's take their delicate touch down.
Shining in the darkness.

The days darken through.
The old triumphant sun has disappeared.

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The cold winter has arrived.

The bears stay dormant.
But the rabbits jump with no fear.
Silence has come.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


My family has a history of snakes, not a pretty one. Once when I wasn’t yet born, a 12 foot python invaded our house slithering around the rooms with his razor sharp teeth. Another time my sister was venturing in the woods at first she thought it was a tree like a human waving in the wind but  when a snake leaped out of a tree and tried to attack she realised it was a threat. But out of all of these incidences, this is the worst one.
“Prrrrr!” My noisy cat is purring at the feel of my hand touching her stiff neck.
“You are so annoying, do ya know that!” I told her.
“Meeee Oww” I feel like she’s just one upped me but I carry on giving her the pleasure of petting.
“It’s dinner come on kids!” My mom shouts.
“Sorry Coco, I gotta go eat, I’ll come back soon.” I say.
“Meow Meow!” I can tell she is angry as I leave the room.
I run downstairs and see an empty table outside in the yard, because no one else listens. I sit down and get myself served. “Come on I’m hungry!” This time I’m screaming not my mom. It’s a typical dinner, with my brother trying to scare me telling me that something’s under my pillow, I want to pick that pillow up and prove him wrong but that would mean that he won the battle and I can’t let that happen. That means I will have to hold in my fears for a bit longer. Well now I think you want to know why we have a rivalry.
Since day one a rivalry between my brother and I had existed. When I was born he questioned my mom why I was there and that he was her only baby. Also when I was young, one or two my brother decided that I belonged to another family and that because I wasn’t worthy to live here and I should be thrown away.
“Daniel there's something under your cushion!” he is repeating and repeating. My sister is urging me to pick up the cushion so he will stop being annoying so we can eat. So I stop ignoring because I know I can’t win and he is going to go on forever. I pick up my Cushion. Lifting the cushion  from the chair the open space reveals brown and black scales. I hear the swish sound of it’s slivering. He rushes through the air at me but I dodge his lash  but I brutally end up on the floor. My parents pick me up and set me back on my feet, we all go inside the house. My parents call the neighborhood guards. We wait for them to arrive. The snake slithers around the table, the look in his eyes fills my veins with fear.  
Guards rush in.  I’m drowned in sorrow as  a blade waving around the air like a hand calling for help, nears the snake, I look away. When I look back the snake is gone. The blade is wet with a green icky goo. The life is taken out of the snake.
My eyes break to tears, I am heartbroken. I curl up in the corner of my room and cry myself to sleep because that is the most pain I have ever felt in my life. Losing something so lively. Something so innocent his youth, his scales and his pale blue eyes.
I wake up the next morning and don’t move. I lay there with my innocence stolen from me, the belief that life is a beautiful easy thing, because everything won’t be okay, something will go wrong.
Sorrow stops me from moving, it traps me in my bed laying frozen, as the hours tick by I wait. I wait for something I don't know, something I don’t have, something I crave but can never have. Forgiveness for what I have caused, a life lost.  

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Tiny Story: Interdependence

Interdependence pulls the puzzles together. We all make the masterpiece, all together all working on what we see in the future. No one is wrong, nobody's callus we are all right in our right minds. We fit together to create A PERFECT COMMUNITY.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Together the puzzles fit we all make the masterpiece, all together all working on what we see in the future. No one is wrong no body's callus we all are right in our right minds. We all fit together to create A PERFECT COMMUNITY.

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Depending On When You Met Me....

Depending on when you met you met me, I might have been a soccer award winner, a guy with duct tape in his hair, A video gamer, a skiing pro, A long distance Biker ,a long distance runner, a failing high jumper, an exceptional long jumper, Spewing blood by a friends tooth, swishing in the basketball court, a stitched up duathlon athlete, OR FRANKENSTEIN.  
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